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Move your space business 49% faster with video

Are you an ambitious space company, looking to speed up your sales process, and attract big investors? Video will make your space business move faster. Much faster. These official industry statistics show how video can knock months, or even years, off a buying cycle. Imagine the upward trajectory on your profit graph:

 ✔️ Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster year on year than those who don’t.

✔️ A video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%.

✔️ Video gets 1200% more social shares than text and photo posts combined.

✔️ An initial email with video receives an increased click-through rate by 96%.

  But only 9% of space businesses use video regularly

✔️ Video gives you a huge competitive advantage, against your competitors...and yourself.

Get inspired by space videos

Video production

Turn your space story into binge-worthy content that will keep your audience glued, your investors keen and ease your sales process.



Prices from £750

Vicky Duncalf and Libby Jackson

Live video shows

Nothing engages your audience like a live show. The perfect platform to showcase your personality and expertise. These glossy, interactive chat shows are the antidote to flat, grey Zoom webinars. Hosted and produced professionally by us: all you do is show up, and dress-up-from-the-waist-up.

Prices from £1450

Vicky and Dinz at Space 2019

Film your big event

You’ve spent months organising your expo. Hire a vlogger to document all your hard work, to woo clients, and to create a large batch of content that can be repurposed again and again. Tip – food videos get the most shares, so make sure that buffet would appease Henry the Eighth.

Prices from £1950

How Video Works to Educate and Convert Your Audience


✔️ Video is the salesperson’s dream: if you have a complex service or product, video is the fastest way to explain a lot of information, often in a way a sales rep cannot.

✔️ Video explains intricate nuances much faster and more effectively than text.

✔️ Video illustrates the benefits of your product and service in an attractive, engaging way.

✔️ Entertain your viewers and you stand a higher chance of them converting.

Why? Because people respond to emotional cues.


This is why a video on a sales page can lead to 80% more conversions. Your potential customers are hungry for more information about a product, and if they can watch a punchy little video about your product, they’re much more likely to buy.


Tell Your Amazing Space Story With Video

The New Space Race is one of the great stories of the modern age. The toil. The passion. The jeopardy. The incredibly high stakes. It lends itself naturally to storytelling.

But the stage is empty.

Hardly any players.

Very few in the UK space sector are using video to tell their epic tale. What a missed opportunity.

We surveyed 167 UK space companies and found out only a tiny handful were using video on a regular basis.

This is your chance to steal centre stage. All eyes will be on you.

What parts of your story would make riveting content? Bet there are plenty of heartstopping moments and beautiful victories that would make a riveting story.

By applying tested broadcasting formats found in TV and film, we immediately open up a new world of story-telling to engage your market at every stage of their buying process. Short films, serials, fly-on-the wall, docusoaps, live chat shows, panel quizzes, animation and even comedy: we can turn your space story into binge-worthy content that will keep your audience glued, your investors keen, speed up your sales process and build a base of loyal customers.


Video – the networking marvel

Do you do a lot of networking? Bet you can’t wait to get stuck back into it. Video is a crucial networking networking tool: people feel like they know you when you walk in the room, and this can shorten the sales cycle drastically.


It eases introductions, lubricates conversations, elevates your status, brings you hordes of fans. They maybe won’t ask for your autograph, but they’ll certainly want your signature…on a contract.



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Entice Top Talent

Cut down on mounds of unsuitable CVs and attract prime candidates, with video job descriptions.  Show off your premises, city and even where they’ll eat their lunch.

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