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The Star Factory Difference: a video blogger who understands the UK space sector and sales videos.


Sure, it’s easy to find videographers. But someone who understands the challenges and opportunities in commercial space? A video blogger who is also a presenter, content writer, broadcaster and space fanatic? Not so much. UNTIL NOW.

Hello there. 

We haven’t been properly introduced yet – I’m Vicky Duncalf, also known as Vicky Video. I run Star Factory Productions, where we’re on a mission to showcase the UK space sector. It’s not just video either: I’m a content writer and marketer, so we can look after all elements of your online brand . (Let’s face it, most marketing managers would  outsource video anyway, but with Star Factory, it’s one brief, one point of contact, one invoice. BOOM.) 

I’m also President of the Space Tourism Society UK. 

The short story: I make it easy for your space business to become video-driven.

The long story: At a parent’s evening, teachers told my mum they were ‘keeping my work for when I’m a famous writer.’

I’ve not written a book yet, but by trade, I’m a writer.

I’ve been a radio presenter since the age of 14, and a copywriter (someone who writes the text of advertisements and marketing material) since I was 21.

I love all things space, and you’ll always find me wearing at least one piece of cosmic clothing or jewellery.

For two decades, I milled around with no purpose, doing mundane marketing jobs that meant little to me. Online casino websites. Travel and tourism content. Blogs about mattresses (if anything will send you to sleep, it’s writing endless web pages about beds).

Then I discovered a Japanese concept called ‘Ikigai’ that helps you unearth your calling.

Turns out the worlds of writing, broadcasting and stargazing intersect in space sector marketing.

One day, sat writing a blog about the best mattress for young bed wetters, I realised there had to be more to my career than damp mattress content. I slammed my laptop down and howled. I remember the moment: pigeons flew from trees, a cloud passed over the sun, and dogs joined in with my desperate yowl.

I realised I’d neglected my Ikigai, which was why my life was so beige-on-toast.


Are you following YOUR Ikigai? I sure am. 

A quick Google of ‘space events near me’ led me to an ESA event, called Your Business Powered By Space. At this event, I discovered a mysterious marvellous thing called ‘THE UK SPACE SECTOR’ which I had no idea existed.

Skyrora, the Northern Space Consortium, and many more, gathered under the wings of Concorde, at Manchester Airport, to promote the rise of UK commercial space.

I would surely be able to use my marketing abilities to help elevate the profile of these companies, and-wait-a-minute, was anybody actually making videos about what was happening?

Since then I have made dozens of videos about space companies: roving reporter at with expos, live streams, and corporate films a speciality.

I realised that despite the monumental and historic events happening in the sector, almost all of it was going un-filmed. And when you consider that 80% of web traffic is video nowadays, this shows the huge discrepancy between supply and demand.

Why hire a space specialist video blogger?

There are loads of video companies out there. But usually they make videos for all different sectors. And the videographer is behind the camera, which can sometimes result in somewhat passive and generic content. I’m the girl in front of the camera, and I love space. I know the industry, I have the contacts, I know the really cool projects. I’ve got the fire to ignite your audience and make them HOT for your product. 

I can hook you up – I’m a devout networker and I’m all about the referrals.  My little black book is crammed with useful contacts that could change your the path of your business.

Benefits of a presenter in your videos

Having a presenter in your video brings personality and vibrancy to a screen. I can relay your message in an entertaining way – think teleshopping for space sales – this primes your audience to buy. If your product is dry, complex and technical, throw me a brief and I guarantee I can turn add heaps of X-Factor to your sales process. I can make your obscure components more desireable than Monroe, your sales team world-renowned, and have investors eager to sign.

Your voice, your tone, your message

As we work together, we will hone your corporate voice and tone.  From here, I can write your website, onboarding material, sales brochures and social media too, all nicely joined up because we’ve dug into the brief and found out the deepest core desires, dreams and fears of your target market. 

A terrible (imaginary) space disaster averted

For instance, have you ever really thought about how fear drives the motivation of a client? One tiny mistake on their behalf could result in a massive, terrible space disaster. This is what keeps your client awake at night: the correct choice is crucial.  So does your webiste content speak to them in a soothing yet confident tone, to allay these night terrors, reassure them they’re making the right decision, and purchasing from a tried and trusted team? Or have you just got a few scant bullet points relaying the product spec? 

Let’s engage. I’m your secret sauce.

To my knowledge, I’m the only dedicated space sector film maker in the UK. I’m your video sales person. I increase your bottom line because my videos are woven with hypnotic selling messages, that sneak under the radar because they are disguised as entertainment.

Other facts about me:

I’ve got a Martisan co-host called Crempog – if outreach is important to you, Crempog will help.

I love wrestling. Watching not participating. I’d be hopeless in a headlock.

My favourite planet is all of them. I mean, how could you pick a favourite? From Mercury’s mad and massive iron core to Saturn’s sweeping rings, to the crazy queasy tilt of Uranus.