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“We want to be entertained first and informed second and that’s the balance that you have got in spades.” Astronomer and journalist Stuart Clark on the benefits of live chat shows with a pro presenter.

So. Hands up if you’re DREADING your next webinar? Zoom Fatigue is a real thing. Grey grainy screens, poor audio and endless slide shows. No wonder we have burnout.

The antidote could be a live video chat show. Streamed on beautiful, broadcast-quality software, these shows are interactive, fun, and colourful, with a professional space presenter to bring out the best in your experts.

The software is designed to increase engagement with your brand: the audience gets hooked by seeing their comments pop up on screen. They come back week after week to join in the dialogue.

Plus the slick scrolling banners are the place to hustle your products, services and vacancies.

Stu says: “What’s unique about what you do is you keep this sense of fun, this sense of momentum and excitement in the way you present, everything is fun in what you do and that keeps an audience engaged.”

The show can be edited and repurposed into endless new content for your website and social media. It just keeps on giving.

Does your space webinar need a rocket under it?
Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster year on year. Are you harnessing the ferocious horsepower of video? Get in touch for a creative brainstorm.