So increase your closing rate with video.

That stat again:  an explainer video on a sales page increases conversions by 80% or more.

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us prefer a short video rather than a long article to describe a product, service, or concept.

Most people learn better when they can both hear and see the information, so videos often translate better to the customer’s way of thinking.

Video builds trust and take years off a buying cycle.

“If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you.”

This quote from Zig Zigler shows how important trust is.

So humanise your brand and foster trust with video.

Build trust with a customer and they become more likely to commit to your product or services.

83% of businesses believe video marketing produces good ROI, but video isn’t just about brand exposure, or closing deals there and then.

Fostering trust is central to video marketing: video knock years off a buying process. The intimacy of video makes it ideal for building trust rapidly.



Picture it. Your new salesperson is in a meeting. They don’t know the full details of your product (it has a vast learning curve).

The client is confused and throwing objections that your salesperson can’t handle. It’s getting awkward and a multi-million pound contract is in danger of disappearing.

But help is here. Your rep brings out the iPad, scrolls down to the explainer video – a short film showing the ins and outs of your product, the problems it solves, and video testimonials from satisfied users.

Suddenly the client is eager to buy. WHERE DO I SIGN?!

And after a sales call has ended, your potential client may also refer to your video content, as they undertake further research about your product. Don’t you always look for video on a website to learn more about a product before you buy?

Video cajoles and reassures at every step of the buying process. It leads to increased buyer confidence, faster closes, and higher investment levels.

Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product subsequently bought it.

Video also increases perceived value of a product: people will pay more when they see it in action.

The effectiveness of video does not surprise, as vision is our most dominant sense. If pictures can massively boost engagement, imagine what moving pictures can do, woven with hypnotic selling messages, and reasons to buy now.

What is surprising about video is how only  9% of UK space companies use it regularly. How much money is your sales team leaving on the table? If you have a high value sales process, video could be the most important sales person you ever employ.



According to, “nearly 40% of all organisations say staff recruitment is a major barrier to their growth.”

Holding on to staff is more important than ever, and video can certainly help your sales team.

Support your sales team with a comprehensive video strategy to make hitting their targets easier.

Satisfied staff with bigger Brucey Bonuses are more likely to stick around, especially if they see you investing in video to back them up.

It’s not just your sales team who love video:

Make  FAQ videos and slash hours spent on the phone by your support team.
Help out HR with onboarding videos.
Entice new recruits with video job adverts.

Think of video as a fine-grade industrial lubricant: it helps all the little cogs in your business whizz smoothly, and can be applied to ease the processes in every department.