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Our Client Testiminials on Our Video Services

The live eclipse show was great fun and a good balance between coverage of the spectacle and chat, including expert commentary from Sheridan and Mike, the presence of a group of astronomers in Coventry gathered for the event, and the good fortune of almost constant clear skies from my location for the live stream. I doubt The One Show could have done better! Thanks to everyone who took part, and to Vicky for organising it all.

Paul Sutherland

The Society for Popular Astronomy

It was a brilliant show Vicky. It’s the best hour of my week, I know I have said that before but it is truly meant. You are so funny and entertaining and keep us astronomers on our toes with the little quizzes. All the guest speakers are brilliant and I have learn so much over the months. Keep up the great work.

Sandra Grace

Pop Astro Viewer

Vicky’s live show is the new Sky at Night. It’s spontaneous, live and has its own inimitable presenter and “custom” backdrop just like the old program did. I watch every week. The guests are great sports to do their bit live and liable to be ambushed by Vicky’s quizzes and challenges. Thank You Vicky for putting up with the cold and discomfort to bring us such interest and lively entertainment. Kind thoughts, Bob

Bpb Jessamine

Pop Astro Viewer

Thanks so much for being a such a great space ambassador. As I said, your presentation skills are infectious and enjoyable. It was a great, funny, and enjoyable presentation. You need to do more!

David Millar

Astronomy Scotland

Vicky – be very proud of what you’ve done over the last year with Pop Astro. Its grown so much with great guests each week, all brought together with your brilliant craziness.
Thank you

Steve Fractals

Pop Astro Viewer

Dear Vicky Video,
I am a recent member of the Society for Popular Astronomy from across the pond and recently watched you on YouTube interviewing a special guest for Pop Astro. 

I simply adore your quirkiness and mistress of ceremonies. You are funny and cute as a button!

If they ever resurrect The Avengers television program, I vote for you to play Mrs. Peels. Homage to the late Diana Rigg.

Keep up the great work.

Your biggest American fan,
I. F. Wolins”

I.F Wolins

Biggest American Fan